Monday, May 24, 2010

Twitter Tag #Budgies offends opposition...well i'm still offended from seeing Abbot in budgies

Another round for gAybbot. So some political square, Senator Cormann infact, has complained about the hash tag #Budgies when referring to opposition leader Abbot on twitter. More specifically Senator Bormann was chucking a tanty at ABC for using the tag in the context of Abbot's budget speech to parliament...oh scandal. Whatevs.

What's got me going however, is the question raised; since when did the media try to be relevant to micro blogging sectors? eh? 

Does this mean public opinion will sway from the vice like grip of "the black art of politics". Public opinion has previously been mediated by the mechanics of politics in regards to access and angle of information (Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW 2003).Here's the equation: News uses race as an angle + results in discrimination and vilification based on race or culture = Human Rights issue.

Another human rights issue is the worlds exposure to the image of Abbot in budgie smugglers. ahhhhh.

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