Wednesday, May 19, 2010

GenerationOne, apart from celebrity speeches wtf is it doing?

"You are beginning to deal with a problem that has been festering but can be resolved and needs to be resolved if the potential of this country is to be genuinely realised. And I don't mean that in any emotional sense or a cultural sense, I mean it in an economic sense."

This is part o' the speech! given by Sir Bob Geldof, that has pissed some high brow smarmy cats off. While I hold his sentiments, stick it to the man whatevs. My festering fucking problem is what the freaking relevance of some Irish rocker talking about exile is going to do! I agree this is an integral problem the process of 'invasion' (it's not colonisation, that's false legal jargon) has created a false representation of Indigenous identity. BUT I want to know what the endgame for the OneGen program is?!

Dude cudos to the concept "economically illiterate" though, Australia "have a go", but Aus has removed from our society of "having a go, five thousand of our own".

Really I just want some answers, what does this program achieve, does it not just follow the line of paternalistic policies, isn't it feeding representation based on the exteriority somewhat presided by the presence of truism? This is realised in the assumption that if the “Other” could represent itself it would, but it cannot so the representation generated by the dominate mode of the west pervades reality (Said 1987:21).

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